summer is half over!


By couch-bound Emmet

All right. The Maine Lobster Festival is here, summer is half over and it’s almost time to pull down the storm windows. And what have you done to enjoy Maine’s glorious (and thunderously brief) summer days and nights? Have you even left that couch, television and Facebook to get an ice cream?
I, of course, have not done a thing with the bicycle gathering dust and mold in the barn, the canoe hidden by five years (at least) of weeds and THE kayak collecting more miles on the Honda roof than it ever does in Maine’s might rivers. If I was not invited to Four Seasons campground in Naples and Jefferson Phil did not wrestle access to the cottage on Damariscotta Lake, the kayak would be collecting mold and dust as well.
It is time to marshal forces for the remaining few weeks of summer. I noticed while frittering away my summer on Facebook and e-mail that Buzzfeed has assembled a bucket list of Maine “hot spots,” places to see “before you die.” I had no plans to die, but I wrote them down, anyway.
Everybody, especially people from away is fascinated by our lighthouses. After being around Ken Black for a decade or two, I have come to appreciate the lighthouses a little more. While in the Coast Guard he started collecting lighthouse artifacts that the service was phasing out and ended up establishing a lighthouse museum in Rockland.
Buzzfeed suggest you put your travelling shoes on and visit Nubble Light, Owls Head Light, Bass Harbor Light, Marshall Point and Pemaquid, for starters. Pemaquid, Marshall Point and Owls Head are in my backyard and I have visited and photographed these lights for decades. Marshall Point has gained fame as a scene from Forrest Gump. In his running phase, Gump runs from coast to coast and stops at Marshall Point at the tip of Port Clyde. I don’t believe I have vested Nubble or Bass Harbor. They are immediately added to the Summer Bucket list.
I try to avoid the Mount Desert area because too many tourists go there, which is the point of the Bucket list, I suppose. Area attractions include Acadia National Park, of course Cadillac Mountain, Sand Beach and the Great Head Trail, Otter Cliffs, Thunder Hole, Jordan Pond, and the Mount Desert area in general. I guess Buzzfeed people had a great time there. I hate to admit it, but my abiding area summer memory for several years duration is having popovers and chilled wine at the Jordan House. Unfortunately, the romantic event was shared not with Blue Eyes, who has an actual job, but with Jefferson Phil, who does not. People are beginning to talk.
I rarely venture south beyond Bintliff’s in Portland in the summer. But Buzzfeed suggests I pack up and venture to Kennebunkport, Ogunquit, Old Orchard Beach and Freeport. I love to abuse my credit cards at L. L. Bean’s and my abiding memory of OOB is having French fries with gravy (gravy!) at some waterfront bar with Texas Larry and Texas Sarah who wore a wickedly short skirt. Funny how my abiding memories always include food. I try to avoid Kennebunkport. Too many Bushes.
I don’t know why I don’t visit Monhegan every year. A truly magic spot. They say that whatever you like to do, you like even more on Monhegan. Added to the bucket list, along with Baxter State Park and Bethel was Moosehead. I always plan to visit Moosehead, but never get there. The only time I can remember going to Baxter, the black flies attacked Walter Griffin so badly we had to flee to save his life. It looked like Pearl Harbor and Walter was the Arizona.
Camden is always on my bucket list. All I have to do is waddle down the hill to get fresh bagels at the Camden Bagel Shop, Best I have found to date.
Funny how food keeps coming up on this bucket list. I shall now make plans to visit some, if not all of the Buzzfeed recommendations, “before I die.” But as you know, plans are so very, very elusive. Let me check Facebook first.