Prepare for the worst!

Sox (what else?)
By doubting Emmet

I blame it all on Miss Killion.
She was my sixth grade teacher at the Sophia W. Ripley School in West Roxbury. On one of my (many) visits to her office for some infraction or another, she imparted me her personal philosophy that she used to guide herself alone the way. It was “Hope for the best but always prepare for the worst.”
She went to college with my father’s mysterious sisters (we were never allowed to mention them) so I had to give her some credence, unfortunately.
Now, as the World Series approaches (it is Wednesday morning) between my beloved Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals, I am preparing for the worst, naturally. This is truly the miracle season since I, in all my baseball wisdom, picked the Sox for last place in the division. I was not alone. Hey, they lost 93 games last year.
Naturally, this year they had the best record in the division and ended up in the World Series. I wanted them to play the Pirates so Andrew McCutchen could get a national showplace. I had seen him in several spring training games and he looked like a young Willie Mays. My Second pick was the Los Angeles Dodgers since they had Red Sox castoffs, Adrian Gonzales, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett. It was this trade that rejuvenated the Sox and spurred them to the series.
But now we have the Cardinals and I shall prepare for the worst, as is my wont. My myriad sources (Peter Gammons) tell me that the Cards have very good starting pitching and an even better bullpen, much better that the Detroit Tigers, the most recent Red Sox victim. It seems that everyone in the Card’s bullpen throws at least 150 miles per hour.
At one point, the Red Sox had a mere three hits to 30 strikeouts against the Tigers. It was then that I prepared for the worst and officially gave up on them and turned off the ballgame and went to sleep. The next morning I found that David Ortiz (“Big Papi”) had pounded a bases loaded, epic home run to tie the game. Everyone in New England but me saw that one. I was preparing for the worst.
I am not sure we can depend on Mr. Papi for similar heroic deeds in this series. He actually hit .091 in the Detroit series and had only one hit in addition to the heroic clout. Without that game-tying grand slam, he might have been the goat of the series.
The other Hero, Shane Victorino hit another grand slam to win the final game and eliminate Detroit. Likewise, Victorino hit only .095 in the series and might have shared the goat horns with Ortiz in the Detroit series, without that grand slam.
The Boston Press is hinting that there is a problem with Red Sox star pitcher Clay Buchholz who is not throwing as hard as he used to.
Jacoby Ellsbury, the fleet-footed center fielder of the Red Sox led the league in stolen bases this season. He stole against the Tigers almost at will. But the Cardinals have catcher Yadier Molina, considered to have the best arm in baseball.
When the Red Sox last faced the Cardinals in 2004, they swept them four games to none. Do we think the Cards have forgotten?
I have done my very best in preparing for the worst. I will now predict that the series will be played in snow, before I now start preparing for the best. Blame it on Miss Killion.
Red Sox in seven, in a series for the ages.