Me ‘n Mose

By musical Emmet

I can never decide.
If Mose Allison is on the headset, I think is my all-time favorite.
If Leonard Cohen is on, then, of course, it is him.
Same with Aretha Franklin, then Otis Redding. I must decide.
I have 2,200 songs on iTunes. That wasn’t enough. When I reached capacity of iPod number one, I got another one. Actually, electronic daughter Aran got it. Now, I can add even more songs.
You laugh, but I listen to iTunes virtually every day. I use it on the rare days when I walk to downtown Camden. I use it on the ever more rare days when I make it to the YMCA. I plug it into the car radio when I am out of range of ESPN. Don’t tell anyone, but I use it occasionally to lull myself to sleep.
The new iPod connects me to both Dan Lebatard and Tony Kornheiser and is often found in my bed. (blush)
On Monday, I failed to charge the original iPod and had to listen to nothing while I pedaled my lard for 6.3 miles on the Spring Hill bike path. There were no tunes! To those purists who say we should be listening to nature, I present “Parchment Farm” by Mr. Allison. Instead of paying too much attention to aching, 72-year-old knees and posterior end, you listen to the music and words and find yourself pedaling in perfect rhythm. You don’t notice the pain until you stop.
I present the evidence from Day II on the same pike path (Paved, no traffic) when I charged the iPod and had a delightful “shuffle” of my 2,200 tunes. I did 12.4 miles. It would have been impossible without Mose and Tom Waits. With the “Shuffle” the magnificent little machine picks songs at random, my own tiny deejay.
I find it impossible to choose a favorite but I have eliminated Frank Sinatra. When I was young and foolish (two years ago) I downloaded too many Sinatra albums. The songs are much too mellow for walking, biking or any other exercise and I tried to eliminate them. But they keep cropping up, usually on the steepest hill when the Fast Forward button is highly inaccessible.
Yesterday it was “Come to the Copa.” Yuck. I must meet with Aran to have “Old Blue Eyes” removed from my playlist.
Out of morbid curiosity, I examined the iTunes “app” and discovered that they count the songs for me.
Diane Krall is a rare mixture of fabulous music and devastating sexual appeal, of course. But I was surprised to find out that her 115 downloads outdistanced another favorite, Randy Newman, at 107. I believe I have every tune they ever issued.
The report said that I have 98 unwanted Sinatra tunes. No wonder he intrudes so often.
It was interesting to find that Billie Holiday had 51 and the ultra-smooth ben Webster a mere 25. I must change that.
The background music for my pitiful life was always Motown, so I hated the advent of Bob Dylan. Just when a party got roaring and everyone was dancing, some geek would put on Dylan. The dancing stopped as everyone started their own analysis of the lyrics. Now that no one (I know) dances anymore, I have come to appreciate Bobby and have 41 of his tunes.
Bonnie Raitt is an all-time favorite but has “only” 67 tunes, losing to Tom Waits with 68. That is a surprise, since I thought I had every song that Miss Raitt issued.
Delbert McClinton, introduced by Don Imus has become a favorite with 57, but cowboy Dwight Yoakam beat that with 63. I shall change that.
Emmy Lou Harris had 47 songs and that is nowhere enough. Billie Holiday had a mere 51. Ditto. George Jones had a mere 13 and that must be changed ASAP.
Otis Redding had a mere 37 which must be a clerical error. Aretha had a mere 13 tunes, an obvious disgrace.
I must get back to the drawing board. Maybe 3,000 songs will be enough. Maybe not. I may do 20 miles on the bike tomorrow. I can’t do that alone.