Rip it up!

Little R.
By rockin’ Emmet

I bow to no man (or woman) in my ability to scream through money at the speed of light. I am hoping to win the Lucky for Life lottery game, which would pay me $1,000 a day…just for the challenge.
It’s not drugs or gambling. Perhaps it would be more explainable if it were.
Once you close one leak, another one pops up. I have mastered my Amazon murder books mania, simply by packing my house with books. They have become wainscoting in the Cobb Manor living room. True, I have seven or eight standing by on my Kindle, but they were all on sale for 99 cents. I consider that addiction cured, at least partially.
I have made no headway in my major addiction, that of (expletive deleted) iTunes. You just can’t have enough songs on your iPhone, iPad or Nano. I believe the latest count is 2,234.
That should be enough for any man/woman/child.
Some of them were simply downloaded from my ratty music collection. But the others (blush) have been purchased from iTunes, the Sodom and Gomorrah of my credit card. Yes, I listen to my tunes on the deck, in the car (with a Griffin wire), on the bike or just walking downtown. But 2,234? I don’t believe I will live long enough to hear them all. I just checked. Some of them have never been played. I just set the wonderful machine to “shuffle” and let fate pick out the songs of the day. (Unless I simply must hear some Delbert McClinton tunes. I would turn off “shuffle for that.)
In the interest of financial sobriety, I have placed a moratorium on any further iTunes purchase (at least until have heard each and every 2,234 songs.
Maybe you saw it.
It was Sunday night on MPBN, another fund raiser. Covered with guilt (just like you) I watched the show, listened to the appeals for cash and sent in exactly nothing. I had to watch the show because they were selling a classic collection of 1950s and 1960s hits.
Yikes. That’s where I live.
They played Stevie Wonder and Little Richard, giants of rock n’ roll and two of my All Time Favorites.
The next day I did a hasty accounting of my mighty 2,234. I was ashamed. I had a single Stevie Wonder song, from a Rolling Stone (Magazine) anthology. There were no (zero) little Richard sings.
The embargo was blasted. The next morning, I signed back onto iTunes, like a veteran sot returning to his favorite tavern. I went to the store and picked out Stevie Wonder songs. You might forget how long “Little” Stevie Wonder has been around. There was a collection of all his work (I hope so) for $88. Now, wait just one minute! I was frivolous, but not insane. I passed on the $88 collection and judiciously chose my favorites from those 1970’s parties in Martinsville, like “Sunshine,” “Living for the City” and “Superstition.”
I was proud of my frugality, saving about $85.
Little Richard was next. He also had an endless body of work, dating back to the 1950’s. Forget Elvis, the interloper. Little Richard was the real architect of rock n’ roll. When I simply could not pick and choose, I found the bargain of the week, a $7.99 album with 36 (count ‘em) Little Richard classics including “Lucille,” “Tutti Frutti,” “Long Tall Sally” and “Rip it up.” Those tunes were always, absolutely guaranteed to get any party started.
For about $13 I was able to update my collection and erase some serious wrongs.
As I tried to click out of iTunes, I noticed the vast Chuck Berry collection.
Not today. I have my limits.
And the embargo.